New projects planned for 2019

* Improve puppy pen: For this we need shade cloth (both to close off the fencing and make it more private for the mom and pups as well as to protect them more from the elements) and a pole as well as cable ties or wiring.

* Large trees for shade, ideally large palm trees.

* Large pavers plus sand and cement for the walk-ways, as it can get really muddy during the wet winter months.

* A new picnic table and bench for visitors, the old one has died from years of use.

Other ongoing expenses and donations

* Dog food: We are always in need of dog food and our biggest wish would be to find a regular monthly donor. We also often have dogs that are extremely neglected when they reach us and need puppy food to improve their weight and condition.

* Airtime: it takes many phone calls to make arrangements to rescue a Collie and just as many to arrange viewings, adoptions and home checks. We are always in need of airtime!

* Any donations of blankets, dog beds, continental pillows, towels, tick & flea shampoo, Karbodust, tick& flea prevention (Bravecto), deworming tablets, toys (especially balls), collars, leashes and brass tags are always needed and welcome

* Our dogs sleep inside the "Dog Cabin" at the shelter at night and we urgently need additional plastic dog crates (the one's used for air travel) to cater for this.


Cash donations

It is never easy to ask for money, but we do have expenses that cannot be settled in any other way.

For the major donor

We need a slightly bigger bakkie than the one we currently have, both for fetching donations as well as transporting the dogs. This can obviously be a second-hand car.



Account: Border Collie Rescue

Bank: Nedbank Malmesbury

Account Number: 2001350449

Branch Code: 154605

Account Type: Savings Account 


Border Collie Rescue account @ Groenkloof Dierekliniek in Malmesbury:

c/o Karen van Rosenveld

Account Number: 3982

Please mail us the POP so we can thank you! 

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